Bitcoin e Altcoins provavelmente se preparam para a próxima onda de alta

O preço do bitcoin parece estar formando uma base de apoio acima de USD 11.650 para um novo aumento.O Ethereum está subindo lentamente para USD 420, o XRP está lutando para liberar USD 0,295. A OMG ampliou seu rally em 80% e a ZRX ganhou mais de 60% hoje.

Bitcoin Profit price remained strong above the USD 11,650 and USD 11,550 support levels. It seems like BTC is forming a support base for a fresh increase above USD 12,000. The price is currently (08:30 UTC) well above USD 11,650 and the bulls are likely to make an attempt to push the price above USD 12,000.

Similarly, most major altcoins are slowly rising and showing positive signs, including ethereum, XRP, litecoin, bitcoin cash, EOS, TRX, XLM, LINK, and ADA. ETH/USD is up 2% and it is trading above the USD 410 level. XRP/USD is also rising, but it is facing a major hurdle near USD 0.295 and USD 0.300.

Preço do bitcoin

Depois de negociar perto de USD 11.550, o preço do bitcoin começou a formar uma base de apoio. Nas últimas horas, houve um aumento decente acima dos USD 11.700 e USD 11.800. É provável que o BTC continue mais alto, mas há um grande obstáculo à espera perto dos níveis de USD 11.950 e USD 12.000.

Um fechamento bem sucedido acima do nível de USD 12.000 é uma necessidade para um novo aumento para USD 12.200 e USD 12.500. Caso contrário, o preço pode descer em uma faixa e revisitar o apoio de USD 11.550 a curto prazo.

Preço Ethereum

O preço do etéreo está formando um forte suporte acima de US$ 400 e está atualmente se recuperando mais alto. O ETH está acima de 2% e está negociando acima de USD 410. Uma resistência inicial está próxima de USD 416, mas a principal resistência está próxima de USD 420. Uma ruptura adequada acima de USD 420 pode iniciar um aumento constante.

Se os touros falharem perto de USD 420, o preço pode cair novamente. O suporte chave no lado negativo está próximo aos níveis de USD 402 e USD 400.

Preço do Bitcoin cash, chainlink e XRP

O preço à vista do bitcoin está próximo de 3% e está sendo negociado acima de USD 295. A resistência imediata está próxima de USD 300. Um fechamento diário acima da resistência de USD 300 é provável que abra as portas para um novo movimento ascendente. A próxima resistência chave está próxima a USD 320, acima da qual o preço pode subir em direção ao nível de USD 345.

O Chainlink (LINK) não conseguiu se recuperar acima dos níveis de resistência de USD 16,00 e USD 16,20. O preço está agora se aproximando da principal região de suporte de USD 15,00. Se houver um fechamento em baixa abaixo de USD 15,00, poderá gerar uma bandeira vermelha para os touros a curto prazo. O próximo grande apoio poderia ser de USD 14,20.

O preço do XRP está de volta acima de USD 0,290, mas está lutando para ganhar impulso de alta acima de USD 0,292. A primeira resistência crucial está próxima ao nível de USD 0,295, mas a principal resistência ainda está próxima a USD 0,300. Se o preço subir acima de USD 0,300, poderá reiniciar sua tendência de alta. Caso contrário, há o risco de outra queda em direção a USD 0,280.

Outros mercados de altcoins hoje

Nas três últimas sessões, muitos pequenos altcoins juntaram mais de 20%, incluindo OMG, ZRX, AMPL, FXC, LRC, SNT, QTUM, LSK, BAL, ICX, BAT e CRO. Destes, a OMG estendeu seu comício pelo segundo dia consecutivo e subiu acima da resistência de USD 6,50.

Em geral, o preço do bitcoin parece estar formando uma base de apoio acima de USD 11.550 e USD 11.650. Dito isto, um fechamento adequado acima da resistência de USD 12.000 é uma necessidade para iniciar uma nova onda de alta nas próximas sessões.

Empire Market offline: disappears the crypto market of the Dark Web

Empire Market is offline. The famous crypto market of the Dark Web, a few days ago is no longer accessible after almost 2 years since its creation. The site would have stolen over 2600 BTC, or over 30 million dollars.

The users‘ bitcoins, in fact, were on the platform’s wallets and not on non-guardian or third-party wallets. Empire Market, in fact, used escrow systems to block the BTC until the sale was completed and both parties could not be satisfied.

The confirmation of this exit scam is not late to arrive also from Dark Fail, a Dark Web journalist considered an authoritative source in the industry.

At the beginning it was believed that the site was under DDoS attack, as, among other things, had led the same team to believe that the site would be back online in a few days.

So there was nothing to predict an exit scam, but now too long a timeframe leaves no doubt.

Unfortunately only in the last few hours it has been learned that the team has disappeared into thin air and the site is still unreachable, after two years of activity and a very solid user base.

Empire Market, an unreliable platform since the beginning

However, we are talking about an illegal platform because it allowed Crypto Cash users to buy products or services from criminals, so certainly not a platform they could trust a priori.

So it’s hard to think that the exit scam hadn’t been properly organized with an effort made every day until, a couple of days ago, the team decided to pull the plug carrying the loot of 2638 BTC.

This teaches how the use of such platforms is very risky and has been demonstrated several times over time. It also teaches you not to trust centralized platforms.

Huobi Wallet now allows credit card purchases of crypto currencies through Simplex

The Huobi Kryptonian wallet of the major Kryptonian exchange now allows users to buy Kryptonian coins with credit and debit cards.

Until now, Huobi Wallet only allowed its users to exchange between different crypto assets and access decentralized loans, while lacking an ‚on-ramp‘ trust access channel. Huobi Wallet CEO Will Huang said the applications now meet most of the basic needs of common crypto currency users:

The Bitmain-backed Matrixport platform allows users to purchase crypto currencies with credit cards

„The app] has become a unique application for users to buy, store, exchange and transfer crypto-currencies on the fly, while retaining full control of their assets.

The Huobi Wallet is reportedly one of the largest applications of its kind in the Asia Pacific region. The application supports over 18 crypto currencies and multiple tokens and is reported to have over half a million users in 200 countries.

Celsius Joins Crypt Coin Companies Using Simplex’s On-Ramp to Fiat Channel
Huobi and Simplex did not respond to Cointelegraph’s inquiries until the close of this issue.

Simplex: a major payment processor in the crypto market

Simplex is a popular payment processing partner among major cryptomoney companies. As reported by Cointelegraph in late April, the company recently began pushing the trust access channel of

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  2. we caused the current crypto-winter
  3. digital currency taskforce,
  4. slipped in the past
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  6. raised $200 million
  7. crypto-friendly regulatory regime
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  9. employ 51 percent attacks
  10. set the trend

the financial services platform affiliated with Bitmain.

Binance now accepts 15 new fiduciary currencies to buy cryptomoney
Earlier this year, the Celsius crypto coin lending service also integrated the fiat access channel developed by Simplex into its platform. In addition, Huobi’s competitor and the major crypto coin exchange Binance began using Simplex to allow its users to buy crypto coins on the platform with 15 more fiat currencies in February.

Dank Bitcoin Revival Geld verdienen?

Und nun zur Kernfrage: Ist die Bitcoin Revival ein Betrug? Tatsächlich ist das Internet voll von Anschuldigungen wegen Betrugs. Aber fangen wir mit denen an, die vorsichtiger sind. Es gibt diejenigen, die mit der Prämisse beginnen, dass die Bitcoin Revival einige ziemlich große Ergebnisse vorschlägt, die der durchschnittliche Benutzer nicht erreichen kann, aber auch, dass die Basistechnologie der Bitcoin Revival fair ist und dass professionelle Händler diese Methoden nutzen, um auf anderen Plattformen echtes Geld zu verdienen.

Kernfrage zu Bitcoin Revival

Unterstützer glauben, dass die Menschen, die beschuldigt werden, betrogen zu werden, diejenigen sind, die an der Website beteiligt waren, bevor sie wirklich verstanden haben, was sie taten, und die Geld verloren haben, als sie dachten, sie könnten ohne großen Aufwand Millionäre werden. Es gibt kein wirklich einfaches Geld. Der ganze Erfolg der Investition, auch in der wilden Welt der Kryptographie, ist das Ergebnis einer sorgfältigen Planung. Für diejenigen, die bereit sind, bei Investitionsentscheidungen tief in die Tiefe zu gehen, kann die Bitcoin Revival ein ebenso effektives Instrument für den Gewinn sein wie jeder andere.

bitcoin revival lernen

Dann gibt es diejenigen, die die Bitcoin Revival als Betrug bezeichnen, ohne Berufung. Hervorhebung, wie diese Plattform den Namen des Bitcoins und die sehr hohen Gewinne, die der Bitcoin generieren kann, nutzt, um die naivsten Menschen zu überzeugen. Die Realität sieht ganz anders aus: Es gibt kein automatisches System, das hohe Gewinne erwirtschaften kann, ohne etwas zu tun, ohne Engagement und ohne ein Minimum an Arbeit.

Forum oder Social

Es gibt viele Rezensionen – darunter Forum oder Social -, die darauf hinweisen, dass alle, die die Bitcoin Revival ausprobiert haben, alles verloren haben, bis auf den letzten Cent.

Wir können nicht mit Sicherheit sagen, dass es sich um einen Betrug handelt, zumindest solange, bis es eine endgültige Entscheidung darüber gibt. Wir können jedoch vorschlagen, dass Sie sich davon fernhalten, da es keine einwandfreien Algorithmen gibt. Darüber hinaus verfügt diese Plattform nicht über eine reguläre Lizenz einer Aufsichtsbehörde. Das sollte dich also schon jetzt da raushalten. Sie würden nicht nur Ihr Geld, sondern auch Ihre sensiblen Daten gefährden.

Denken Sie immer daran, etablierte, sichere Broker zu verwenden, die alle Vorschriften einhalten.

Zum Beispiel erfüllen eToro-Broker (eröffnen Sie Ihr Konto hier ohne echtes Geld) und 24Option-Broker (beginnen Sie jetzt mit Ihrer Handelserfahrung) all diese Kriterien der Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit. Also stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie es herausfinden, bevor Sie Geld in Wundermethoden wegwerfen, die nichts verdienen.