An Honest Bitcoin Motion Review in 2022

What is Bitcoin Motion?

Bitcoin Motion is a program which automates trades through creating and closing trades in your name. Users can identify their preferred profitability ratios, as well as the levels of risk. Bitcoin Motion claims that AI analyzes the data inputs of the market for cryptocurrency to identify potential profitable trades, and then performs the transactions by itself. Bitcoin Motion’s concept of auto trading implies that you don’t have to study the market on your own. This is great for novice or experienced traders looking to increase their income from crypto.

Bitcoin Motion Overview

Robot Type: Bitcoin Robot
The official Bitcoin Motion website?
Minimum Deposit: $250
Is It a Scam or Legit? Legit
Claimed Win Rate: 85%
Trading Fees: 2.2% commission on successful accounts only
Account Fees: None
Deposit/Withdrawal Fees: None
Software cost: Free
Withdrawal Timeframe: All hours of the day
# Number of Cryptocurrencies Supported: 24
Supported Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP
Supported Fiats: USD, EUR, GBP
Leverage: 5000:1
Native Mobile App: No
Free Demo Account: Yes
Customer Support: Live Chat
Verification required: Yes

Bitcoin Motion – Visit now Table of Contents

Pros and Cons Of Using Bitcoin Motion


Automated trading is available for both novice and experienced traders 24/7 customer support service A dedicated account manager No prior experience in trading is required. Low minimum deposit


Uncertainty regarding how to pay or withdraw Unverified profit claims for profits Mobile apps are not available. Minimum Deposit EUR250 Exclusive Promotion User Score 9 Start Trading Compare Robots

Who is The Bitcoin Motion Owner?

Bitcoin Motion owners are a group of highly skilled trading professionals and developers who have decades of experience in the world of finance. As of now, the owners have been able to create an innovative robot that is constantly improving the experience for the users. They also monitor market trends and regularly update the robot in order to make sure it’s precise and efficient regardless of the market’s conditions. They also ensure that they only collaborate with brokers who are that are regulated by Tier-One authorities such as the FCA to safeguard the financial security of their clients and traders.

Getting Started With Bitcoin Motion

If you’re looking for a way to begin by using Bitcoin Motion, here is an outline of the process. We’ll go into more specifics about this procedure later in this article.

  1. Register for a Trading Account
  2. Deposit Funds
  3. Trade

Bitcoin Motion Markets, Assets, and Options

What Cryptocurrencies And Products Can You Trade Using Bitcoin Motion?

Remember the fact that Bitcoin Motion trading software doesn’t permit trading of other assets such as commodities, stocks, forex and so on. It is only focused exclusively on the cryptocurrency market. So, you should consider alternative options diversify your portfolio using other investments besides cryptocurrency. Overall, Bitcoin Motion is user-friendly and is suitable for those with no prior knowledge of the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin Motion supports nearly two dozen cryptocurrency which include BTC, ETH, and ADA. It is also able to support niche cryptocurrency such as SHIB. Start Today with Bitcoin Motion

What Leverage Trading Options Are There?

Bitcoin Motion trading platform offers leveraged trading up to 4x your investment ($250). The robot can earn higher returns however, leveraged trading can be extremely risky. It is best to only trade using leverage when they are aware of the risks and are able to accept them.

What Are The Spreads?

There is no information on the internet regarding bitcoin motion’s spreads. Many trading and robots like Bitcoin Motion have varying spreads which change in response to market changes.

Fees, Limits, And Payment Options On Bitcoin Motion

How Much Does Bitcoin Motion Cost?

Bitcoin Motion does not have any fees for registration or subscription fees. You must make a deposit of $250 before you can begin live trading. A commission of 2% is charged for profitable trades. It is good to know that Bitcoin Motion has deposit bonuses that traders can benefit from periodically. It is important to make use of these bonuses when they are offered to get the most out of your experience. In the end, make sure the product meets your needs in trading by experimenting with it through its demo account that is risk-free.

Minimum Deposit: $250
Trading Fees: 2.2% of profits
Account Fees: Zero
Deposit/Withdrawal Fees: Zero
Cost of software zero
Cost of subscription: Zero

What Are The Payment Methods Accepted By Bitcoin Motion?

Bitcoin Motion is an automated Bitcoin CFD trading robot. This means that Bitcoin Motion only accepts fiat money payments. There isn’t any information on fees for using a payment method. The charges may differ based on the cryptocurrency broker that is assigned to you. Customers may be debited through their banks. At present, Bitcoin Motion accepts:

  • Transfer to a bank
  • Credit card
  • Debit card

Does Bitcoin Motion Also Charge Fees And Commissions?

Bitcoin Motion states that there is a small portion of profits that will be used to pay for its expenses. There is however no information as to whether broker commissions are included.

Bitcoin Motion Trade Sizes And Limits

Bitcoin Motion sets a minimum amount of $250 for deposits when customers open the account. But, the trading limits are contingent on the broker you’ve chosen. A lot of brokers have very minimal minimum trade limits. Contact your broker for more information. Bitcoin Motion – Start Now

Bitcoin Motion‘ Platform

How Does Bitcoin Motion Work?

Bitcoin Motion claims that it makes use of AI technology to create trading signals continuously by observing the market for cryptocurrency. However, the robot utilizes brokers to process trading and buying orders for its users. The AI determines what trades are to be executed and then relays the requests to CFD brokers on the network. Bitcoin Motion app does not require any human interaction after the user has set their parameters for order. The user’s choices are processed through APIs that execute trades, drastically reducing time to trade.

What Devices Can I Use Bitcoin Motion On?

Bitcoin Motion does not have any mobile apps. The robot can only be accessed through a web browser such as Safari and Chrome. But, you are able to access the platform from a variety of devices. This includes:

  • Laptops and desktops
  • Tablets
  • Android devices
  • iOS devices

Note: Bitcoin Motion may not run smoothly on mobile browsers.

Can I Use Bitcoin Motion in My Country?

Bitcoin Motion is widely available in a variety of countries around the world. Look below for a complete list.

Country Is Bitcoin Motion available?
Can I Use Bitcoin Motion in the UK Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Motion in Canada Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Motion in Australia Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Motion in the USA No
Can I Use Bitcoin Motion in South Africa Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Motion in New Zealand Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Motion in the Philippines Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Motion in UAE Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Motion in Singapore Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Motion in France Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Motion in Spain Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Motion in Italy Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Motion in Germany Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Motion in Nigeria Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Motion in Mexico Yes

Is Bitcoin Motion Available In My Language?

Bitcoin Motion comes in three different languages.

  • English
  • Dutch
  • German

Choose the language you prefer from the menu located at the end of your homepage. Join Bitcoin Motion. Bitcoin Motion

How Easy Is It To Use Bitcoin Motion?

Bitcoin Motion is an easy-to-use robot that is able to automate trading functions. Customers can take advantage of CFD trading without any prior knowledge of cryptocurrency trading. All you need to do is to enter your leverage levels and stop loss as well as trading times. The user can utilize different charts to guide their choices. But, Bitcoin Motion incorporates those charts into the trading decisions it makes for you. Bitcoin Motion comes with a personal account manager to help users through any issues with your account that might be arising. Remember that automated trading robots are known to be not reliable. It is best to be cautious and only take risks that you are able to afford to lose.

What is the maximum amount of profit you can make with Bitcoin Motion?

To maximize your odds of making profits to earn more money Bitcoin Motion, it is essential to be in charge of your trades. This means that traders must study the market and create their own strategies for trading instead of relying entirely on the machine. Make sure to keep track of your open positions because the robot could not be aware of profitable patterns. We have seen traders earn thousands of dollars per day through profits made with Bitcoin Motion. You too can be among those traders if you prepare carefully and are on a budget. Bitcoin Motion doesn’t guarantee successful trades and the amount you make will be contingent on your capital you invest and your strategy. Remember, you’ll need to submit your earnings to IRS/HMRC to claim tax deductions.

Key Features of Bitcoin Motion

Bitcoin Motion trading platform offers various features that help customers make orders and take advantage of CFD trading. The features like Bitcoin Motion customer assistance, SSL security, and an user-friendly dashboard provide Bitcoin Motion an attractive automated trading system. Some of the most important features are

Simple registration

The process of registering to the platform takes only about a minute and is more efficient as other options. The website is very user-friendly and requires it requires no knowledge or expertise required to trade. Bitcoin Motion has a low minimum deposit of $250 to begin trading. If you’d like to find out how you can registered on the platform for trading continue reading the Bitcoin Motion review.

User-friendly Interface

Bitcoin Motion is designed to serve traders of all levels of experience. No matter if traders are brand novices to CFD trading or are trading for a long time Bitcoin Motion’s easy-to-use interface is able to serve a all types of traders.

Accounts Manager

After users have created accounts, Bitcoin Motion pairs them with account managers, who guide them through the process of registering and address any queries the customer may have regarding Bitcoin Motion’s service.

Demo Trading

Bitcoin Motion also offers a demo account to allow users to learn about the trading robot prior to using the real currency. Customers can determine for themselves the potential of their strategy to generate profits.

Security And Regulation

Is Bitcoin Motion Legit?

Bitcoin Motion makes many claims that its users can earn huge profits from its automated trading platform (as as much as $1500 per day in certain cases). The site showcases customers who have earned substantial earnings. We were unable to confirm any of the assertions. Furthermore the disclaimer at bottom of the page says that the majority of investors will be unable to recover their investment and the fact that CFD trading is risky. Bitcoin Motion is only legal in countries in which CFD trading is permitted. So, is Bitcoin Motion Legit or a Scam? Bitcoin Motion may be profitable for some, however the users must conduct their own investigation prior to trading using a robot.

Is Bitcoin Motion Safe?

Bitcoin Motion offers a comprehensive level of securitythat includes SSL encryption. BitGo, Norton, and McAfee to safeguard users from malware, phishing and even theft. Furthermore, Bitcoin Motion claims to employ licensed brokers. If this is the case that brokers must adhere to the rules of finance to remain in business, which means that your money is secured and are more secure as opposed to unregulated services. However, we were not able to determine how many licensed brokers are working with this automated system. Sign up to Bitcoin Motion

Am I and My Money Protected?

Bitcoin Motion doesn’t have a digital wallet, which means it’s not responsible to store the funds of traders. Instead the brokers it works together are accountable for safeguarding your money and ensuring that your transactions are conducted under the best conditions. But, Bitcoin Motion is highly secured to protect all your information including your email. The brokerages it’s associated to are also regulated by top authorities, further ensuring the security of your money.

Is Bitcoin Motion Regulated?

As we mentioned previously, Bitcoin Motion is connected to highly regulated brokers , and some of the authorities that oversee the brokers are Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as well as Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Do I Have To Verify My Account With Bitcoin Motion?

Yes. Every user must confirm their accounts before they are able to trade on the Bitcoin Motion the trading system. When they register, they have to include their name, phone number and email address. The members of Bitcoin Motion’s Bitcoin Motion trading system team will contact them to complete the registration. It is not required to provide any additional information. Bitcoin Motion app does not need any additional details, however users must provide evidence of income and an ID issued by the government to meet the broker’s KYC requirements.

How Does Bitcoin Motion Work? Trading Strategies and Algorithms

Bitcoin Motion has excellent testimonials from its users about its effectiveness and speedy performance in the unstable cryptocurrency market. While it can’t guarantee success in trades, it promises an 85 percent win rate percent. Below are a few characteristics that make the benchmark high in the field of Bitcoin Motion.

  • Automated Trading Tools
  • Arbitrage Trading
  • News Trading
  • Price Trend Analysis

Extra Information

Educational Resources

Apart from the tiny FAQ section and dedicated customer support service, you are able to access education-related resources on YouTube as well as website bogs and podcasts. You can also make an opportunity to use a demo account to test your knowledge and determine if you’re prepared to enter the market live.

Tools And Charting

Bitcoin Motion trading platform users can access a variety of cryptocurrency charts to evaluate cryptocurrency value trends prior to deciding to decide on their trading parameters. The Bitcoin Motion platform also allows users to access Bitcoin Motion’s feeds to the most popular crypto and CFD news around the globe, keeping them updated on any cryptocurrency developments. We suggest that users stay up-to-date on their preferred cryptocurrency in order to make better-informed trades.

Customer Support

Bitcoin Motion trading platform has accounts managers accessible 24/7. User reviews online say that the service has been helpful for answering questions. We couldn’t confirm the legitimacy the reviews. In addition, there isn’t a customer support contact form available on the website.

Bitcoin Motion Customer Support Details
Bitcoin Motion support email Not available
Bitcoin Motion support contact number Not available
Bitcoin Motion live chat option Yes
Bitcoin Motion other support options… None

Demo Account

As we mentioned previously, Bitcoin Motion has demo and live trading accounts. The demo account is created to assist you in getting acquainted with how the robot works, without having to spend the real money. The following Bitcoin Motion review, we will show you how to get started with the trading platform. Beginners should start by reading this review since it’s absolutely risk-free. Start today by registering by using Bitcoin Motion

How To Get Started With Bitcoin Motion

If you’re interested in becoming the first Bitcoin Motion user, follow these steps:

  • Step 1 – Register For An Account

Visit the Bitcoin Motion homepage and add your information to the registration form. You’ll need to enter your complete name along with your email address and your phone number.

  • Step 2 – Speak To An Advisor

You’ll then have consult with an advisor in order to finish your registration. It could be the KYC procedure (proving your identity as well as your address and income, as well as your trading experience as well as other information.) however, it is contingent upon the registration process of the broker you have partnered with.

  • Step 3 – Deposit Funds Into Your Account

Follow the Bitcoin Motion’s guidelines to transfer at least the required amount cash into your bank account. Remember that all customers need to make a payment of $250 before beginning trading using Bitcoin Motion.

  • Step 4 – Use The Demo Account

If you’re unfamiliar with Bitcoin Motion, or are just beginning to learn about the Bitcoin Motion app, use the demo feature to find out the way the robot functions. Test your trading skills and assess the probability of gains before putting your money at risk.

  • Step 5 – Initiate Your First Trade

Once you’re comfortable with the Bitcoin Motion’s trading platform, place your very first trading. Set your trading preferences as Bitcoin Motion’s APIs negotiate with your broker to negotiate the best trades for you. In order to access the bot’s APIs, you must sign in to your account with your brokerage anytime. Sign up to Bitcoin Motion

How to Delete Bitcoin Motion Account?

The process of deleting your account is simple and takes only just a few minutes. It is done through the robot’s website and clicking on the menu in the top right corner of the page. This will finish the procedure. Alternately, you can remove any Bitcoin Motion account by contacting the broker that it is associated to. By doing this you must be prepared to erase all trading data with the broker and Bitcoin Motion platform. We recommend to contact Bitcoin Motion’s customer care before starting the procedure.

How to Buy and Trade Cryptocurrencies With Bitcoin Motion?

If you’re buying or selling cryptocurrency using Bitcoin Motion, there is an easy process to follow. Here’s how you can start by using Bitcoin for an illustration.

  1. Install and download Bitcoin Motion on the broker’s platform you prefer.
  2. Sign up for trading accounts with your own personal information including your names, email addresses or phone number.
  3. The deposit of funds is subject to Bitcoin Motion’s specifications
  4. Choose Bitcoin and select the best entry point.
  5. Create a custom Bitcoin Motion trading platform to fit your needs. Then, you can enable it to begin managing your trades. Keep in mind that the possibility of losses is all but certain. Therefore, make stop-loss as well as take-profit orders in order to reduce the risk.

How to Withdraw Money From Bitcoin Motion?

As previously mentioned, Bitcoin Motion doesn’t store trader’s funds because it does not have a digital wallet. If you’d like to withdraw your funds and withdraw it, you must do so by using the brokers it’s associated to. Here’s how.

  1. Visit the website of the broker and sign into your trading account.
  2. In your wallet, click withdraw and select the preferred payment method.
  3. Select the amount you would like to take out
  4. Follow the procedure and get the funds transferred to the account you prefer within 24 hours.

It is important to note that you cannot withdraw money using cryptos, however, you can withdraw using fiat currencies. The reason is that the majority of brokers don’t allow payouts via cryptocurrency. Therefore, it is best to use the fiat currency that is the best.

Bitcoin Motion Celebrity/ Company Endorsements

There are numerous theories online regarding Bitcoin Motion. There are a lot of speculations online about Bitcoin Motion app being endorsed by famous celebrities and businesses. We conducted our own due diligence about the allegations and are presenting our conclusions.

Is Elon Musk Related to Bitcoin Motion?

No. Elon Musk serves as Tesla and SpaceX’s CEO and his view on the market for cryptocurrency is highly regarded by traders. While rumors suggest that he’s involved with the Bitcoin Motion trading platform, we could not find any evidence or evidence to support these claims.

Is Jeff Bezos Related to Bitcoin Motion?

No. Jeffrey Preston Bezos is a well-known American business and media entrepreneur. He is the creator of Amazon and is the company’s executive chairman. Based upon our research, Bezos hasn’t endorsed Bitcoin Motion or is in any way connected to the robot in any way.

Is Gordon Ramsay Related to Bitcoin Motion?

No. Gordon Ramsay is a celebrity British chef who is a popular TV show host. He is interested in the world of cryptocurrency, and reports suggest that Ramsay is associated with Bitcoin Motion. But, as per our research, he hasn’t supported Bitcoin Motion nor is he connected to the robot.

Is Richard Branson Related to Bitcoin Motion?

No. While Richaaccessingnson is an British business investment and magnate however, he is not connected with Bitcoin Motion based on our research. The rumors that claim otherwise are bogus and false.

Bitcoin Motion In the News

Is This Morning Related to Bitcoin Motion?

No. This Morning tv show has had numerous episodes, but we could not find any episodes that indicate it has was a part of the Bitcoin Motion trading platform.

Is Dragons Den Related to Bitcoin Motion?

Dragons Den Dragons Den is a TV reality show featuring entrepreneurs who present business ideas in order to secure money from the world’s top investors. While there is a rumor that Bitcoin Motion was a Bitcoin Motion application was used as a part of The Dragons Den show, we could not confirm these claims.

Other Bitcoin Motion Reviews & User Testimonials

If you are still doubting about the legitimacy of Bitcoin Motion trading platform, this is what we discovered concerning testimonials and user reviews found on Reddit as well as Trustpilot.

What Are The Top Bitcoin Motion Reviews on Forums and Reddit?

A lot of users on Reddit think they are right. Bitcoin Motion is an excellent option for the cryptocurrency industry. It’s not just an intuitive platform, but it’s also cost-effective and flexible for any trader. Additionally, the robot is more efficient than human beings, allowing you to profit from trading opportunities whenever they occur.

What Are The Top Bitcoin Motion Reviews on Trustpilot?

Similar to Reddit, Trustpilot is a social platform that lets users post their feedback on their experience with different businesses. Based on our research the majority of users on Reddit are highly recommending the robot for its reliability and effectiveness when managing trades. But, they also say that it is essential to organize your tasks to achieve the maximum benefit.

What to Consider When Starting With Bitcoin Motion

Before you decide to trade using Bitcoin Motion, here are factors to be considered.

  • Follow the advice of your licensed and regulated broker to make sure you trade safely
  • Start with a deposit of a minimum and increase it once you’re certain of your actions
  • Take your money early to avoid wasting them. trading can become addictive
  • Make sure you check your account on a daily basis to ensure that your actions are monitored properly and your data secure
  • Be sure to only invest the amount you are able to manage to. There is a reason why losses will happen, and you don’t want to feel emotionally devastated in the event of a loss.

Is there an alternative to Bitcoin Motion? Bitcoin Motion alternative?

There are many more cryptocurrency robots that are available. Other than our Bitcoin Motion review, we put together other reviews on trading platforms to help you decide whether or not to utilize Bitcoin Motion. Bitcoin Motion trading platform. We have other reviews of trading platforms below:

Crypto Robot Minimum Deposit Check out our review
Bitcoin Trader $250 Learn more about the review on our Bitcoin Trader review
Bitcoin Loophole $250 Check out the review in our Bitcoin Loophole review
The News Spy $250 Check out Our News Spy review

Bitcoin Motion Review: Final Thoughts

At first glance, Bitcoin Motion promises to provide a simple way to enter the market for novice traders and experienced veterans too. The company claims to be able to respond faster than human beings and is the key to the success of its customers. Bitcoin Motion also claims that users can earn as much as $1,500 every day. However, it doesn’t specify the amount of investment needed to achieve those gains. While the claims that it is an advanced AI might sound appealing, we suggest cautious use when you are using an auto-trading machine. If you’re unsure, set up an account and then use your demo account in order to determine whether the claims are true. against the reality. Also, do your own research on the cryptocurrency market and establish the parameters you want to use based on your research findings. Bitcoin Motion concedes that 70 percent of customers will lose money due to automated trading. We recommend trading the amount you are able to risk losing. Additionally, we suggest contact with licensed brokers directly if you wish to explore CFD trading and exercise caution when trading leverage. Robots such as Bitcoin Motion may make trading simpler for beginners however, you must increase your knowledge of cryptocurrency trading prior to joining any of the services.

Sammanfattar ärendet för Bitcoin som framtiden för säkerheter

Idag släpptes en rapport av Arcane Research i samarbete med Bitcoin-handelsplattformen Bitstamp som beskriver fallet för BTC som framtiden för säkerheter i finansvärlden.

Rapporten på nästan 70 sidor dyker djupt in i de olika anledningarna till varför detta är och hur de ser det bli. Här är en sammanfattad version innan du gräver mer i rapporten för att lära dig mer.

De många användningsfall av kryptovaluta

Bitcoin, som Internet på många sätt, är en tom duk. Det är den teknik som utvecklare kan bygga på, och det kreativa kan använda och implementera på olika sätt.

Revolutionerande tekniker som de två kommer inte så ofta, och när de gör hur de passar in i vardagen är det inte alltid klart. Och även när användningsfall är uppenbara dyker andra användningar upp när tiden går och användarna av tekniken hittar andra sätt att tillämpa den.

När Bitcoin först började lades det upp som den första formen av kryptografiskt säkra digitala kontanter. Från och med de första dagarna har tillgången förvandlats till mer av en värdebutik, en spekulativ tillgång för handel och en övertygande digital valuta som potentiellt kan störa många finansiella aspekter.

Vart det går vidare är svårt att säga exakt och kan ta många former. Vissa ser att kryptovalutan blir den globala reservtillgången, medan Arcane Researchs rapport pekar på att Bitcoin tar över säkerhetsmarknaden, och här är varför.

Bitcoin „perfekt“ för att bli den globala säkerhetstillgången

På grund av tillgångens potentiella och till synes obegränsade användningsfall är det den kanske mest spekulativa tillgången historiskt. På grund av detta handlar det med vild volatilitet som orsakade att det var särskilt attraktivt med derivathandlare. Och det är där ett nytt användningsfall har oväntat blomstrat.

Enligt Arcane har Bitcoins användning som säkerhet i huvudsak startats av derivatmarknaden på grund av digital portabilitet, vilket fungerar som ett bevis på koncept för andra säkerhetsärenden.

Rapporten fortsätter att kalla Bitcoin den ”perfekta” säkerhetstillgången av skäl bortom portabilitet. Andra orsaker till detta påstående är att tillgången inte kan beslagtas och därför är fri från motpartsrisk, och den handlas globalt, 24/7 över alla gränser.

Bitcoins användning som säkerhet i DeFi-applikationer växer också tack vare Wrapped BTC. Den totala användningen i alla säkerhetsapplikationer från DeFi till derivat och sedan vissa förväntas nå 1 000 000 BTC år 2023.

Säkerhetsmarknaden är för närvarande en 20 biljon dollar marknad som bara väntar på att bli utnyttjad av Bitcoin. Även om inte alla kanske har sett detta användningsfall komma, är det verkligen en tillgång som skulle kunna tjäna, och skulle i slutändan gynna investerare och ekosystemet båda.

La Banca di Singapore dice che le Cryptocurrencies

La Banca di Singapore dice che le Cryptocurrencies „potrebbero sostituire l’oro come riserva di valore“, ma difficilmente potrebbero sostituire le valute Fiat

Una nuova nota di ricerca pubblicata dalla Bank of Singapore (BOS) suggerisce che le crittocittà hanno maggiori probabilità di sostituire l’oro come riserva di valore. Tuttavia, la nota dice che è improbabile che tali valute digitali possano sostituire le monete fiat anche se il loro appeal cresce.

Unità di cambio inefficiente

Secondo la nota della ricerca, è la volatilità delle crittocorse che le rende „un’unità di scambio inefficiente“. Questa inefficienza, a sua volta, rende le crittocromie un mezzo di scambio inadatto. Tuttavia, come spiega un rapporto di un punto vendita locale, le valute Bitcoin Evolution crittografiche hanno maggiori possibilità se riescono a superare „ostacoli chiave come la fiducia, la volatilità, l’accettazione normativa e i rischi di reputazione“. Una volta superati questi ostacoli, allora tali „valute digitali possono essere utilizzate anche nei portafogli degli investitori come potenziali beni rifugio e per la diversificazione delle attività“.

Nel frattempo, lo stesso rapporto dei media cita Mansoor Mohi-uddin, il capo economista di BOS, che spiega che anche gli investitori „hanno bisogno di istituzioni affidabili per poter detenere le valute digitali in modo sicuro“. Oltre a questo, l’economista dice che „la liquidità deve migliorare significativamente per ridurre la volatilità a livelli gestibili“.

Sebbene il valore del bitcoin sia aumentato di oltre il 300% nell’ultimo anno, l’asset digitale ha subito ampie fluttuazioni di prezzo. Ad un certo punto, l’asset cripto è crollato di oltre il 30% in un giorno che è diventato noto come il Giovedì Nero. Usando questo crollo dei prezzi come esempio, Mohi-uddin conclude che l’asset cripto è in realtà „correlato con le azioni e altri asset a rischio piuttosto che essere scambiato come un rifugio sicuro anticiclico“.

Secondo la valutazione dell’economista, questo significa che l’asset cripto è „probabilmente oggetto di dumping da parte degli investitori durante un crollo del mercato, come è avvenuto all’inizio della pandemia nel marzo 2020“.

Investitori istituzionali e liquidità

Nel frattempo, la BOS suggerisce che la maggiore partecipazione ai mercati delle criptovalute da parte di investitori più grandi potrebbe essere un modo per risolvere la sfida della liquidità. La BOS dice:

Una maggiore partecipazione da parte degli investitori istituzionali, come gli asset manager con orizzonti temporali a più lungo termine rispetto agli acquirenti al dettaglio o agli hedge fund, potrebbe contribuire ad aumentare la liquidità, a ridurre la volatilità e a far sì che l’azione sui prezzi sia guidata più dai fondamentali che dalla speculazione.

Per quanto riguarda la potenziale funzione delle valute digitali come alternative al fiat money, la nota di ricerca di BOS considera i rischi di reputazione come un ostacolo. Inoltre, Mohi-uddin sostiene che i governi hanno dimostrato la loro riluttanza ad abbracciare una tecnologia che „potrebbe potenzialmente spostare le valute nazionali“. Inoltre, afferma che i governi potrebbero non tollerare tecnologie che limitano la „capacità dei politici di stampare denaro durante le crisi economiche“.

Bitpanda debit card enables payments in bitcoin and precious metals

Austrian crypto company Bitpanda launches a debit card that can be used to make transactions not only in euros, but also in precious metals or cryptocurrencies.

Vienna-based FinTech company Bitpanda is launching its own debit card. The company announced this on its own homepage. Customers will thus be able to use the card to make payments also in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Future or precious metals such as gold. The card is currently only available for citizens within the Eurozone. There are no account management or card issuance fees involved, according to Bitpanda. Payments in euros would also be carried out free of charge. Only for transactions with foreign currency does the crypto company charge a fee.

The payment processing with digital or physical assets is carried out by converting the current rate of the respective asset into euros. For example, if one pays for a coffee with Bitcoin, the Bitpanda debit card converts the cryptocurrency into euros and debits the amount from the account. In the process, the usual trading surcharges are paid to the Viennese FinTech. Premium customers receive a cashback of between 0.5 and 2 percent. In addition, the debit card is to support contactless payments as well as GPay and Samsung Pay.

Bitpanda launches own index for Bitcoin and Co.

Previously, Bitpanda came under the spotlight in October when the company announced plans to map the top 25 cryptocurrencies in its own index. Via the Bitpanda Crypto Index (BCI), crypto users have since been able to build a „diversified cryptocurrency portfolio.“ The portfolio regularly readjusts itself to market changes. Thus, the listed coins and tokens in the BCI can also change on a monthly basis.

This was made possible through a partnership with MV Index Solutions, the index division of leading asset manager VanEck. MVIS obtains the data for this from CryptoCompare, a market observation platform for the crypto space.

Tether’s regulatory proposal is ‚apocalyptic‘ for crypto

The Stable Act could mean the end of Tether.

The US government wants tighter controls on stablecoins.

Tether could be replaced by a regulated crypto-dollar.

Unregulated stablecoins such as Tether face increasing regulatory pressure from the US government.

A new US bill called the Stable Act is causing anxiety in the crypto community. The introduction of this law could effectively put an end to billions of dollars in transactions and set the industry back several years.

The law, as reported by BeInCrypto , calls for banking licenses for stablecoin issuers such as Tether.

It doesn’t end there. The bill proposes additional requirements for Federal Reserve reporting. It also offers issuance approval in addition to constant checks, and an insurance policy to cover assets.

Another proposal may require stablecoin issuers to store their reserves directly with the U.S. Federal Reserve. This puts them under the control of the central bank and significantly limits their open use.

An apocalyptic law for Tether and crypto

A report from Dragonfly Research offers an in-depth analysis of the current use of stablecoin . He concludes that if the bill passes, it could spell the end of Tether:

Make no mistake: the day Tether is slain it will prove to be apocalyptic .

Tether is by far the largest and most widely used stablecoin. Its supply has grown 410% this year alone, from $ 4.1 billion in market cap in early January to $ 20.9 billion today, according to the Tether Transparency Report .

Tether, or the “cryptodollar” as the report researcher calls it, has revolutionized the industry over the past two years. He opened up huge trading gateways with massive liquidity that was not possible using fiat.

The USDT has been a liferaft for many citizens in countries with hyperinflation or tight currency controls. It also helped fuel the rise of DeFi alongside Ethereum.

However, several US agencies and prosecutors are investigating Tether. The company has so far produced very few defenses or audits.

Tether cannot support its monumental growth, which is not sustainable, the research added. The authors say the day of his demise will bring down the entire industry.

Crypto markets will collapse, exchanges will be in disarray, millions of crypto traders will likely have their assets frozen, and prices will drop everywhere.

The future of stablecoins

Currently, the “Stable Act” is only a proposal. It is the subject of much criticism from industry leaders and entrepreneurs, for example. They say the proposal sends the United States back to a dark age in terms of innovation and digitization.

However, a recent statement from the Presidential Task Force bodes ill for this crypto segment. The statement suggests that all stablecoin holders should be subject to KYC (know your customer) requirements, which indicates that stablecoins are still in their sights.

Tether may not be the future of the digital dollar. First, a regulated stablecoin that becomes the de facto standard is a likely replacement. Then there will inevitably be more audits and identity checks by governments, banks and tax authorities. If so, the freedoms we have today with the digital money movement could be a thing of the past.

Bitcoin bereikt hoogtepunten boven $ 24k als LTC $ 120, BCH, BNT op 21 december raakt

BTC-rally komt op stoom terwijl Litecoin de hoogtepunten van 2019 ziet. BCH ziet Square-cashback-boost en Bancor bouwt voort op DeFi-winsten met Coinbase-toevoeging.

Bitcoin kwam boven de $ 20k, zoals ik vorige week voorspelde , en de munt bereikte zondag een hoogste punt van $ 24.300.

De cryptomarkt is maandag enigszins gedaald, omdat markten reageren op een nieuwe aanval van coronavirus-paniek in Europa

Bitcoin was vorige week gestegen toen de US-dollar werd geteisterd door het langverwachte tweede stimuleringspakket voor de Verenigde Staten, dat naar verwachting later op de dag zal worden aangenomen. De deal is voor $ 900 miljard, waarbij de bevolking elk een cheque van $ 600 krijgt. De markt heeft die deal nu geprijsd en de huidige heropkomst van viruspaniek heeft de dollar met meer dan 1% gestegen. Een nieuwe virusstam die in het VK wordt aangetroffen, is naar verluidt besmettelijker en dit is het zien van andere landen die een reisverbod op vluchten van en naar het land instellen, waarbij Frankrijk 20% van de voedselvoorziening stopzet door transport te blokkeren. Een nieuwe ronde van chaos op de financiële markten zou Bitcoin ondersteund kunnen worden, hoewel de liquiditeitsgolf van maart een waarschuwing was.

BTC haalde vorige week wat negatief nieuws van zich af dat de financiële toezichthouder FinCEN probeerde zijn klauwen in de cryptocurrency-ruimte te krijgen. Een regel die vrijdag door het ministerie van Financiën is voorgesteld, zou ertoe kunnen leiden dat houders van Amerikaanse digitale valuta moeten voldoen aan de ken-uw-klant (KYC) -vereisten om hun bezit over te dragen van beurzen naar persoonlijke portemonnees. Brian Armstrong, CEO van de Coinbase-beurs, zei dat het bedrijf de regels zou uitdagen, in een Tweet die werd gedeeld door Litecoin-oprichter Charlie Lee.

De sterke opmars van Bitcoin in de afgelopen week betekent dat de munt zal uitkijken naar het $ 20k-cijfer voor ondersteuning en dat traders de aandelenmarkten in de gaten moeten houden. We gaan het jaareinde in wanneer portefeuilles worden aangepast vóór het nieuwe jaar en grote beleggers willen misschien winst nemen op de schuimige marktwaarderingen als ze bang zijn voor een nieuwe ronde van virusonrust in 2021.

De totale markt voor cryptocurrency is nu $ 662 miljard en BTC is verantwoordelijk voor 66% van dat cijfer

Litecoin was de best presterende munt van de week met een voorschot van 34%. Het op vier na grootste muntenproject heeft nu een marktkapitalisatie van $ 7 miljard.

Grayscale, een van de grootste beheerders van digitale activa, heeft de laatste tijd belangstelling voor de munt opgemerkt en heeft een diepgaand onderzoekspaper uitgebracht dat het „een van de meest interessante digitale valuta’s van het ecosysteem“ noemt. Het bedrijf maakte onlangs bekend dat het beheerd vermogen medio december was gestegen tot $ 13 miljard. Het bedrijf heeft meer dan $ 10 miljard geïnvesteerd in Bitcoin, en hoewel er slechts $ 75 miljoen in LTC is, is de vraag gestegen, dus het is mogelijk dat LTC door nieuwe investeerders als ‘ondergewaardeerd’ wordt beschouwd, aangezien de recente rally van Bitcoin de aandacht op de markt vestigt.

Sąd w Paryżu skazał rosyjskiego hakera na 5 lat więzienia

Sąd w Paryżu skazał domniemanego rosyjskiego hakera Bitcoin Alexander Vinnik na pięć lat więzienia za przestępstwa związane z praniem brudnych pieniędzy oraz za podanie fałszywych informacji o pochodzeniu dochodów. Oprócz tego na Vinnika nałożono karę grzywny w wysokości 100 tys. euro (121 tys. dolarów).

Podejrzany o oszustwo związane z bitcoinami, domniemany właściciel rosyjskiej giełdy krypto walutowej BTC-e, Alexander Vinnik rozpoczął w ubiegłym miesiącu w Paryżu długo oczekiwany proces. Według francuskich prokuratorów, Vinnik był podejrzany o bycie głównym twórcą „Locky’ego“, który doprowadził do szyfrowania danych użytkowników, po czym rzekomo zażądał okupu w bitcoin. W 2016 r. i do 2018 r. kilka podmiotów we Francji było celem tego złośliwego oprogramowania, w wyniku czego dwadzieścia ofiar zapłaciło okup za pośrednictwem BTC-e.

W procesie sądowym w Paryżu, który odbył się w zeszłym miesiącu, 41-letni Vinnik został oskarżony o oszustwo związane z okupem w wysokości 135 mln euro (157 mln dolarów) i stanął w obliczu nawet dziesięciu lat więzienia. Ponadto Vinnik, który twierdzi, że był niewinny, stoi w obliczu 21 zarzutów ze strony amerykańskich agencji prawnych, oskarżając go o pranie miliardów dolarów związanych z grupami przestępczymi, a także o kradzież tożsamości, a nawet o ułatwianie handlu narkotykami.

Vinnik, który wcześniej twierdził, że był tylko pracownikiem BTC-e, z miesięcznym wynagrodzeniem w wysokości 10.000 euro, wcześniej zaprzeczył wszystkim wymienionym oskarżeniom.

Był również poszukiwany w Rosji, w rzeczywistości Vinnik rozpoczął strajk głodowy, domagając się ekstradycji do Rosji, gdzie został oskarżony o mniejsze oszustwa na kwotę 9.500 euro (11.200 dolarów).

Wcześniej w czerwcu nowozelandzka policja przejęła aktywa warte 91 milionów dolarów od Rosjanina, który wyprał miliardy dolarów w kryptońskiej walucie. Policja twierdziła, że aktywa te znajdowały się w nowozelandzkiej spółce Canton Business Corporation, która rzekomo prowadziła nieczynną już giełdę BTC-e.

Bitcoin risk fades, says CoinShares chairman

According to Danny Masters of CoinShares, Bitcoin’s risk due to its volatility has disappeared by 2020.

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According to statements by CoinShares‘ president, Danny Masters, the main risk associated with Bitcoin is not having that cryptomontage. During an interview with CNBC, he stated that the feeling related to that digital currency, is „electric“.

According to his position, the vision of the pioneering cryptomone currency as a risky asset for investors has changed. Now, by contrast, for a portfolio manager, there is a potential danger if he does not own a certain investment in Bitcoin.

For Masters, who served as a former JPMorgan commodity trader, Bitcoin is an asset that has become increasingly trusted. This explains why dozens of institutional investors, rather than turning away from cryptomoney in times of crisis, are actively seeking it out.

75 crypto exchanges that were buried in 2020

The risk is in other assets rather than in Bitcoin
The time when Bitcoin was presented as a risky investment, due to its volatility, seems to be behind us. „The professional risk of having Bitcoin in an institutional portfolio, as an administrator of the portfolio, is rapidly migrating to a professional risk of not having Bitcoin in the portfolio. This is a really surprising development,“ he explained.

At the same time, CoinShares‘ chairman believes that Bitcoin’s volatility is not a source of nervousness for investors. This is due, in his view, to the fact that other assets are even more volatile than the crypt-currency itself.

„The volatility of other asset classes, has proved to be much higher than people expected,“ he stressed in that regard. The most popular of the digital currencies, it has a maturity index that it did not have before, which gives a good image in front of all types of investors, he said.

For him, Bitcoin’s stigma of volatility has been lifted from major investors. He also stressed that the question is not whether companies will open up to Bitcoin or not, but when and to what extent.

The environment is less and less affected by the crypto currency

An important aspect that, according to Masters, minimises the risk of Bitcoin, is that it no longer wobbles from external shocks. In a report published by the firm in October, he stressed that, at other times, a case like BitMEX would have meant a resounding fall for the currency.

The economic collapse caused by the COVID-19 pandemic only strengthened the cryptomoney. On the other hand, Trump’s statements, threats and attacks by regulators such as BitMEX and the hacking of KuCoin, do not seem to have damaged Bitcoin’s momentum.

„I was surprised by the lack of negative price movement,“ he explained, referring to the cases mentioned. On the contrary, he points out that the level of greed surrounding Bitcoin has increased considerably.

Events that would otherwise have led to a massive sale are being responded to by more investors. At the same time, a large number of investors are on the lookout for Bitcoin’s price to fall in order to invest large sums, which excludes any hint of risk.

This could explain why, after each correction, the price rises in a very short time.

Things to consider
During an interview with CNBC, the president of CoinShares assures that it is more risky not to have Bitcoin than the opposite.
In his view, Bitcoin’s volatility doesn’t make investors nervous because other assets are even more volatile.
The level of greed has not diminished despite external events that would otherwise have affected the price of the currency.
Bitcoin, he explains, has already shed the old stigma of representing an investment risk.

Market Wrap: Bitcoin falder kort under $ 18K, mens ETH frakobles fra BTC

Bitcoin dyppede under $ 18.000, før han gendannede på et højere volumen end gennemsnittet. I mellemtiden viser eters prisudvikling en afvigelse fra bitcoin.

Bitcoin (BTC) handler omkring $ 18.374 pr. 21:00 UTC (16:00 ET). Glider 0,85% i løbet af de foregående 24 timer.
Bitcoins 24-timers rækkevidde: $ 17.990 – $ 18.752 (CoinDesk 20)
BTC under dets glidende gennemsnit på 10 dage og 50 dage, et baissignal for markedsteknikere.

Find USD / BTC-volumener på større spillesteder.

”En tilbagetrækning lige under rekordhøjden er ikke uventet, og det vil endda være sundt,” sagde David Lifchitz, investeringschef hos kvanthandelsfirmaet ExoAlpha. ”Vi kunne se Bitcoin Lifestyle bevæge sig sidelæns herfra i en $ 18.000 – $ 19.000 rækkevidde eller måske endda trække sig tilbage til $ 16.000, før vi prøvede en ny rækkevidde på alle tiders højeste.”

Bitcoins rekordhøje pris er $ 19.783, der er sat den 4. november 2017 ifølge CoinDesk 20-data.

Bitcoin-handel på Bitstamp siden 20. november.

Bitcoins pris var overalt mandag og dyppede under $ 18.000 og ramte så højt som $ 18.752, inden den afregnede til $ 18.374 som ved pressetiden.

Læs mere: Bitcoin står over for volatilitet, når futuresmarkedet viser tegn på overophedning
Abonner på First Mover, vores daglige nyhedsbrev om markeder.
Ved tilmelding modtager du e-mails om CoinDesk-produkter, og du accepterer vores vilkår og betingelser og fortrolighedspolitik.

Det så ud til, at flere handlende ramte salgsknappen i betragtning af verdens ældste kryptovalutas volatilitet mandag.

”Mest sandsynligt vil vi røre ved $ 19.000-mærket inden starten på en korrektion,” bemærkede Constantin Kogan, administrerende partner hos Wave Financial.

En anden uge er begyndt med højere USD / BTC spotvoluminer end normalt, en faktor der førte til bitcoins bullish løb i sidste uge. Pr. Pressetid nåede den daglige volumen $ 907 millioner, hvilket er meget højere end den sidste måneds daglige gennemsnit på $ 489 millioner.

Oplysninger om bitcoin-pris hele tiden.

Analytikere holder øje med Kina-baserede kryptostrømme for at hjælpe med at indikere, hvor prisen kan være på vej. Kina-fokuseret børs OKEx har for eksempel ikke haft nogen udstrømning siden 16. oktober efter standsning af tilbagetrækninger. Siden da er bitcoins pris steget til over $ 18.000 fra $ 11.500, mens OKEx-brugere ikke har været i stand til at trække nogen krypto fra børsen.

Darius Sit, administrerende partner for det maleriske firma QCP Capital. sagde OXEx “muligvis bidraget” til prisstigningen, men et større problem har været at dukke op på fastlandet. „Det er ikke kun OKEx men over hele linjen – vanskeligheder med at få fiat“ ud af Kina, tilføjede Sit.

Bitcoin udstrømmer på OKEx (orange) versus pris (blå) siden 1/9/20.

”OKEx-historien er bare underlig,” sagde George Clayton, administrerende partner for investeringsselskabet Cryptanalysis Capital. OKEx er „enormt, men med al den institutionelle strøm omkring krypto, tror jeg ikke status for en enkelt børs er tilstrækkelig til at påvirke priser ud over typisk daglig volatilitet.“

Det er faktisk muligt, at institutionelle investorer, der har stablet sig ind, kan hjælpe med at absorbere eventuelle problemer, som Kina-baserede kryptovirksomheder måtte have. Derivatmarkedet er et tegn på dette, da bitcoin-futures ramte 7 mia. $ I åben rente søndag med institutionel mødested CME på 1 mia. $.

Bitcoin futures åbner interesse det sidste år.

„Det er vigtigt at huske, at der bevæger sig et stort stykke institutionelle penge og ikke så meget detailhandel,“ bemærkede Chris Thomas, leder af digitale aktiver for Swissquote Bank. „Så vi ser et mere struktureret skridt højere her, som skal fortsætte et stykke tid endnu.“
BTC, ETH korrelation brydning

Den næststørste kryptokurrency efter markedsværdi, ether (ETH), handlede mandag omkring $ 595 og klatrede 5,3% på 24 timer fra kl. 21:00 UTC (16:00 ET).

Siden 20. november har prisen på bitcoin været relativt stagneret og er kun steget med 3% pr. Pressetid.

Spot bitcoin-handel på Bitstamp siden 20. november.

Prisen på ether er steget med over 25% i samme tidsperiode.

Spot etherhandel på Bitstamp siden 20. november.

Ifølge data fra CoinDesk Research var afkast af bitcoin og ether stærkt korreleret i marts, april og maj på en 90-dages rullende basis – selv før begyndelsen af ​​marts-udsalg, der tog sin vejafgift på aktiver over hele linjen. Siden juni har korrelationer dog for det meste været lavere.

Bitcoin og eters 90-dages korrelation i 2020.

Nogle investorer tilskriver den nylige eterkurs, der er adskilt fra bitcoin, Ethereum-netværks plan om at skifte til „2.0“

Law Decoded: New Administration and continued Justice Department action on cryptomonies, October 30 – November 6

Every Friday, Law Decoded offers an analysis of the week’s critical stories in the areas of policy, regulation and law.

Editor’s note

Are you over the election? I’m already over them. But you can bet that as soon as I finish writing this week’s Law Decade, I will compulsorily go and check what is happening in Georgia and Pennsylvania. And I think I’m not the only one.

Although the elections hijacked all news cycles, cryptomonies were not abandoned on a street corner. Probably the most remarkable thing is that Bitcoin Millionaire scam is reaching highs that I haven’t seen since January 2018. Given that the price of BTC often reacts positively to fears of political instability, this is not entirely surprising.

The most specific interactions of regulators with cryptosystems are the ongoing enforcement measures. The US Department of Justice has taken the lead in this internationally. Law Decoded has spoken extensively about the Justice Department over the past month, and for good reason. They have taken huge steps to address what they perceive to be the illegal use of crypto coins since a framework was issued in early October to bring digital coins into compliance.

While we may be seeing some legal tantrums and vote counting, Biden appears to have won the White House. The Department of Justice is headed by the Attorney General, Bill Barr is the current Attorney General and it was Trump. While the regulatory lobby is unlikely to reverse its new capabilities to monitor crypto currencies, Barr has been at the forefront of that fight, as well as other anti-technology measures to ban end-to-end encryption and Section 230. The attitude of any nominee for Biden who intends to replace Barr will therefore be very important.

A deal with the Department of Justice

The Department of Justice filed a request to seize a huge amount of tokens that had originated on Silk Road, following an IRS and Chainalysis investigation.

The pile of crypto coins has a total value of USD 1 billion and was under the control of an unknown hacker, who is referred to enigmatically as „Individual X“ in the Justice Department’s file. Mr. X had apparently handed over these tokens to the Justice Department on November 3, which was the same day that the funds were moved.

According to the complaint, in 2013 Individual X stole at least 69,471 Bitcoin from Ross Ulbricht, the founder of Silk Road who is currently serving a double life sentence. Since then, apart from a transfer of 101 BTCs to the defunct BTC-e exchange, these currencies had remained mostly intact, going through a series of forks and increases in value.

Some speculation suggests that the hacker in question made a big deal to keep himself out of jail. The complaint specifies that Ross Ulbricht knew his identity online, which may mean that Ulbricht gave up his information to get some leniency for his own sentence. USD 1 billion can probably persuade the justice system to be very merciful.

Visa’s purchase of Plaid is heavily criticised

Last week, Cointelegraph reported in a news series that the Department of Justice was investigating Visa’s acquisition of USD 5.3 billion Plaid, which had initially been announced in January. This week, the agency filed a formal complaint, initiating an antitrust suit that, if successful, would cancel the acquisition.

Antitrust considerations have taken on great importance recently because of concerns that the use of data has been a new means of illegal market domination, something that the Sherman Act of 1890 was hardly prepared for. Major technology companies have to answer questions about how they prioritise content and share consumer information.

Plaid is a highly regarded mediator, allowing interoperation between the digital systems that handle financial information, the kind of personal information that people are somewhat susceptible to keeping private. The Department of Justice claims that Visa is trying to swallow a potential competitor. But, regardless, Plaid is facing a series of class action lawsuits for its own misuse of customer data, which is especially egregious because most people who send their data through Plaid don’t even know they are doing so. Perhaps that is what caught Visa’s attention.

Is the Cayman Islands returning from exile?

New legislation in the Cayman Islands has begun to tighten anti-money laundering controls in the country’s crypto currency market and, in particular, to increase registration of local crypto currency exchanges.

The Cayman Islands legislature initially began considering a comprehensive review of cryptomonies in April, but the first provisions are only now being implemented.

Like many other British territories and Crown dependencies overseas, the Cayman Islands has a long history as a hotbed for tax evasion, relocation and money laundering. They seem to be trying to change that image, at least in part. The European Union did not remove the country from its blacklist until October, although it is not yet on the white list. The US still identifies the jurisdiction as „most at risk“.

The problem is that most of these tax havens derive much of their income from hosting financial services that the UK itself, the EU or the US would not allow. So how much motivation does the Cayman Islands have to clean up its act?

Further reading

Chris Giancarlo and Daniel Gorfine of the Digital Dollar Project gave their opinion on a cashless future for MarketWatch.

Volkov Law Group completed its analysis of the Department of Justice’s cryptomoney enforcement framework published last month.

Brookings‘ Techstream collected the misinformation seen during the week of the presidential election.