Empire Market offline: disappears the crypto market of the Dark Web

Empire Market is offline. The famous crypto market of the Dark Web, a few days ago is no longer accessible after almost 2 years since its creation. The site would have stolen over 2600 BTC, or over 30 million dollars.

The users‘ bitcoins, in fact, were on the platform’s wallets and not on non-guardian or third-party wallets. Empire Market, in fact, used escrow systems to block the BTC until the sale was completed and both parties could not be satisfied.

The confirmation of this exit scam is not late to arrive also from Dark Fail, a Dark Web journalist considered an authoritative source in the industry.

At the beginning it was believed that the site was under DDoS attack, as, among other things, had led the same team to believe that the site would be back online in a few days.

So there was nothing to predict an exit scam, but now too long a timeframe leaves no doubt.

Unfortunately only in the last few hours it has been learned that the team has disappeared into thin air and the site is still unreachable, after two years of activity and a very solid user base.

Empire Market, an unreliable platform since the beginning

However, we are talking about an illegal platform because it allowed Crypto Cash users to buy products or services from criminals, so certainly not a platform they could trust a priori.

So it’s hard to think that the exit scam hadn’t been properly organized with an effort made every day until, a couple of days ago, the team decided to pull the plug carrying the loot of 2638 BTC.

This teaches how the use of such platforms is very risky and has been demonstrated several times over time. It also teaches you not to trust centralized platforms.