Huobi Wallet now allows credit card purchases of crypto currencies through Simplex

The Huobi Kryptonian wallet of the major Kryptonian exchange now allows users to buy Kryptonian coins with credit and debit cards.

Until now, Huobi Wallet only allowed its users to exchange between different crypto assets and access decentralized loans, while lacking an ‚on-ramp‘ trust access channel. Huobi Wallet CEO Will Huang said the applications now meet most of the basic needs of common crypto currency users:

The Bitmain-backed Matrixport platform allows users to purchase crypto currencies with credit cards

„The app] has become a unique application for users to buy, store, exchange and transfer crypto-currencies on the fly, while retaining full control of their assets.

The Huobi Wallet is reportedly one of the largest applications of its kind in the Asia Pacific region. The application supports over 18 crypto currencies and multiple tokens and is reported to have over half a million users in 200 countries.

Celsius Joins Crypt Coin Companies Using Simplex’s On-Ramp to Fiat Channel
Huobi and Simplex did not respond to Cointelegraph’s inquiries until the close of this issue.

Simplex: a major payment processor in the crypto market

Simplex is a popular payment processing partner among major cryptomoney companies. As reported by Cointelegraph in late April, the company recently began pushing the trust access channel of

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the financial services platform affiliated with Bitmain.

Binance now accepts 15 new fiduciary currencies to buy cryptomoney
Earlier this year, the Celsius crypto coin lending service also integrated the fiat access channel developed by Simplex into its platform. In addition, Huobi’s competitor and the major crypto coin exchange Binance began using Simplex to allow its users to buy crypto coins on the platform with 15 more fiat currencies in February.