Top Bitcoin News of the Week: Records, Crime and Tech Innovations

While John McAfee may just be enjoying his last days at liberty, Uniswap is celebrating success: It is now the largest decentralized crypto exchange (DEX) in the world.

Welcome to the top news of the week. The most important news about Bitcoin and Co. in retrospect

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The Spanish authorities have arrested the entrepreneur John McAfee. In the USA he may therefore have to answer for several crimes. For example, he posed as an investor in a total of 15 Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). In fact, however, the tweets were simply paid advertising campaigns. He could also soon find himself in jail for five tax evasion cases. He probably smuggled his assets past the tax authorities and deposited them at Bitcoin exchanges. The list of his offenses is far from exhausted .

Bitcoin exchange Uniswap overtakes Coinbase: trading volume cracks 15 billion US dollars

2020 is the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) year. No wonder that Decentralized Bitcoin Exchanges (DEX) benefit from it. Accordingly, Uniswap can be particularly pleased. On every single day in September, DEX had a higher transaction volume than the formerly largest Exchange Coinbase in the USA. Investors traded the equivalent of 15.37 billion US dollars via the DeFi protocol Uniswap; that’s almost 75 percent of the globally traded DeFi volume.

Independent of Bitcoin, Bayerische Motorenwerke in South Korea is experimenting with a blockchain solution that the company plans to use worldwide from 2021. With tokens that you get when you buy a BMW model, for example, drivers can take advantage of discounts and services. The Asian country is thus the first in the world to try this “BMW Vantage Program” from the German car manufacturer.

IOTA Foundation central player in the new e-mobility standard

IOTA has drawn attention to itself in another mobility area. A new standard based on blockchain opens up new opportunities in the international market for members of the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative. Three key aspects belong to the data standard called “Electric Vehicle Grid Integration” (EVGI), such as tokenized carbon dioxide certificates and peer-to-peer applications. The aim is to integrate this standard in the energy sector and in the field of e-mobility. IOTA plays a role as a driving force .

With the truck through the window: Bitcoin ATM theft goes wrong

Why trade when you can also take the direct route? This led straight through the window of a fresh produce store in Kelowna, western Canada. Two criminal “masterminds” raced through the shop in a truck to get hold of a Bitcoin ATM. It should stay with the attempt.