Rowing (Iphigenia or A Girl for the Wind, Part2)


A translation of the theater play by Yves Mercol into an exhibition by Ghislain Amar for one night and one day at Stellwerk.


Opening: Friday July 8th, 8pm

Closing: Saturday July 9th, 5pm


More about the project:

You can download a PDF version of Iphigenia or A Girl for the Wind (1985) HERE: https://we.tl/0YwLF9feoj


This PDF is a reproduction of the original script written in 1985 by French playwright and teacher Yves Mercol (1948-2011). Iphigenia or A Girl for the Wind is a rewriting of the Greek play written by Euripides between 408 and 406 BC. Yves Mercol wrote a new version of the story to be performed by his high school students in Saint-Etienne. The reproduction of the script is a way to save the play from being destroyed (as only one hard copy was left) as well as a way to spread it to a new audience and to continue the pedagogical and artistic work of Yves Mercol. This is a first step into looking at the oeuvre of the author that includes dozens of plays, short stories and notes.


The play was edited, translated into English and published as a book by Ghislain Amar. It is available both in French and English. It was published in May 2016 by Peach Books. In June 2016, ‘Iphigenia or a Girl for the Wind’ was used as the basis for a workshop and exhibition held at New Bretagne/Belle Air in Essen. More info on Part1: https://www.facebook.com/events/1158339707565456/





Supported by CBK Rotterdam (Center for Visual Arts Rotterdam).